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Ultherapy FAQ

Curious about Ultherapy? Wondering if it is right for you? Here are some of the most asked questions regarding the treatment, brought to you by the dedicated staff at Dr. Miguel Delgado's San Francisco & Marin County cosmetic surgery practices.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive way to get a more natural looking "face lift" than the surgical procedure. It is done with ultrasound waves and has much less risk than the traditional face lift.

How Long Does it Take?

From start to finish, a typical Ultherapy procedure takes under an hour and a half. The length of time for the procedure will depend on the areas you are having done and the amount of drooping skin that will need to have the ultrasound treatments. Usually, Dr. Delgado can give you a firmer estimate on time, should you be needing precise estimates on the duration.

What about the Recovery and Downtime?

Dr. Delgado's San Francisco & Marin County Ultherapy patients are usually amazed at the way they feel after an appointment. They have very little swelling and usually no pain following the Ultherapy procedure. It is something that can be done without the worry of a long recovery process.

How Long Does it Last?

Depending on many factors, your Ultherapy treatment from Dr. Miguel Delgado can last from between one and three years. The average time frame is one and a half years. The results are permanent but the treated area will continue to age. Many patients will choose to have additional treatments in the future or to have other area treated. Your environment, sleeping habits, and overall health will determine how long you'll continue to see the effects of the treatment after the procedure.

How Does it Work?

The energy that is projected onto the skin, this low level of focused heat, will start the stimulation of new collagen growth. This isn't something that happens overnight, but slowly your body will start see a gradual firming and tightening in the face, chin, and neck areas. It will be a more natural lift than surgical procedures are able to accomplish.

Does it Hurt?

There is a very temporary discomfort while there is the delivery of the energy waves. Comforts always vary from person to person, but generally the procedure is well-tolerated and considered to be non-painful. If you are concerned with your comfort, talk with Dr. Delgado about ways to help ease your experience with the Ultherapy treatment.

How Is it Innovative?

While there are other non-surgical methods of achieving a facial lift, this is the only treatment option that will use ultrasound to go deep into the foundational layer of skin tissue, the same tissue addressed in surgical procedures. This gives the ability to treat the support system of the facial tissue, and give a more natural and satisfying result.

How Safe is the Ultherapy Treatment?

The ultrasound technology that is used in the Ultherapy treatment has been used for over fifty years with great results. It is used in a multitude of different ways in the health field. The clinical trials that are behind this new way to achieve facial lift show that it has been safe to use in this new application.

Am I A Candidate?

If you have less firm skin around your eyebrows, face, chin, and neck region and in good general health, you should be a fine candidate for the Ultherapy treatment procedure. Talk with Dr. Miguel Delgado about your concerns and he'll be able to assess your readiness and candidacy.

For additional questions or concerns regarding receiving Ultherapy treatments in the San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma or Napa County area, talk with the staff about getting a consultation with Dr. Miguel Delgado. Dr. Delgado is well-versed in the field of Ultherapy and can make you at ease about the procedure, see if you are a candidate, and explain every detail to you.

Benefits of Ultherapy

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