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Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center's 10th Anniversary

Recently there was a press release stating the celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center. What is different about this center that awards it the distinction of being called a "Center of Excellence"? Several factors are involved.

As the press release states, Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., M.D. made it his priority to have the best staff available for the surgery center that he created almost 10 years ago. Most of his staff has been with him since its inception. Due to the high standards he has set, his surgery center has been accredited by Medicare and Quad A.

Dr. Delgado's excellent surgical skills and his reputable surgery center have been the reason he has been asked many times to perform surgery in his center for various documentaries from companies in the U.S.A. and internationally.

Last year Dr. Delgado and his anesthesiologist, Randy Gaynor, MD went to Guatemala to donate their time with "Faith in Practice". There they did multiple procedures to help the people of the country, mainly corrective surgeries for cleft lip/palate repair.

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