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San Francisco Thigh Lift and Buttocks Lift

A thigh lift is an excellent procedure for patients who have loose, redundant skin along the anterior, medial and posterior thigh. A thigh lift can also improve the lower buttocks crease region. The most common thigh lift patient is one who has had a significant amount of weight loss.

A thigh lift is similar to an arm lift, in that it involves removing a section of skin. The inner thigh skin is very thin and in some patients, the skin quality is very poor, meaning it is loose, redundant and lacking in elasticity. The best procedure for this type of patient is liposuction, removal of the redundant skin and then reattachment within the groin crease. The inner thigh lift incorporates liposuction of the medial thigh to enhance the overall silhouette of the leg.

The disadvantage of a thigh lift is the length of the incision. However, thigh lift patients welcome the tradeoff of a long incision in exchange for the results they receive.


Generally, men and women who have experienced significant weight loss are the most excellent candidates. These patients usually have skin in the thigh area that is saggy, flabby, dimpled and drape-like in appearance. These features are indicative of poor skin quality that will not respond to exercise nor liposuction alone.

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