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Neck Lift

The purpose of a neck lift is to reverse the toll that time, gravity and sun exposure have taken on the vulnerable skin of the neck. This is one of the primary areas to reflect the signs of aging. A neck lift does not stop the aging process, but it can significantly turn back the clock. This is achieved by the removal of excess fat, tightening the underlying structures, trimming excess skin and re-draping the skin of the neck. A neck lift can be done in conjunction with eyelid surgery, a brow lift, or other facial procedures.


A neck lift is most commonly performed in men and women between their mid 40ís and late 50ís. Genetic predisposition toward facial imbalance, such as a small jaw (chin) or a short neck, may encourage a person to seek out surgical correction even earlier than this.

The change people often first notice in their necks is the loss of skin elasticity, as evidenced by a new slackness of the skin. The skin under the chin loosens and sags with fat deposits and the platysma muscle bands in the neck, formerly invisible and confined beneath firmer skin, become obvious as they flex behind a softer, looser wall. The sleek contours of the neck disappear, giving way to loose bands of skin that may even form a fold as they reach the base of the neck. Eventually, this slackness of the skin can extend into the upper chest as well. The jaw line loses its definition as the collagen in the cheeks decreases, allowing the skin to slip lower and lower below the jawbone, forming a small pouch or jowl on each side of the jaw. Some people are genetically prone to a turkey neck appearance, well before the aging process has set in and in spite of maintaining an otherwise trim and fit physique.

Some people may first be bothered by the appearance of fat under the chin that is unrelated to any weight gain, making them appear heavier than they actually are. Others are more distressed by the aged appearance of platysma bands, formed by the platysma muscles that run from the chin down to the upper chest. These are evidenced by thin vertical bands or cords that lend a distinctive time-worn look to the front of the neck. Any one of these signs of aging in the neck is enough to prompt many people to seek out the correction that can be achieved with a neck lift. A simple test to determine whether a neck lift would be helpful is to pull the neck skin posteriorly towards the ears and see if this demonstrates the improvement you seek.

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