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Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty)

Thousands of chin implant surgeries are performed every year. A chin implant adjusts the contours and increases the dimensions of the chin, which will correct an underdeveloped or receding chin. Beautiful aesthetic results can be achieved with chin implants.

A patientís bite or dental occlusion is not impacted by the placement of a chin implant. On the other hand, if the teeth and bite have significant malocclusion, a more extensive procedure than simple chin implant surgery may be advisable.

Dr. Delgado has extensive experience with chin implant surgeries. This background allows him to provide informative consultations, explaining the various surgical options and reviewing the wide selection of implants available.

Chin implants come in many sizes and shapes. They are constructed of durable silicone and, unlike breast implants, have no liquid component. There is no potential for breakdown of the silicone material and once placed, the implant will not migrate out of position, nor can it become displaced by impact. Working with the patientís preferences, Dr. Delgado will advise implant styles that he is confident will deliver a balanced and natural-appearing chin to face relationship.


Any man or woman who has an underdeveloped chin is a candidate for a chin implant. A receding chin disrupts the balance of a facial profile. The imbalance is even more accentuated if the nose is generously sized, as this will make the chin appear even smaller. An underdeveloped chin often results in crowding of the underlying neck structures. This creates fullness under the chin that obscures jaw line definition and may project an erroneous appearance of plumpness.

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