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Gynecomastia Light Procedure

Gynecomastia, “The Light Procedure” Gains Popularity

Dr. Miguel Delgado states, "The gynecomastia Light Procedure is a great advancement as a minimally invasive surgery.. Not only is the surgical incision smaller, but the surgery is less traumatic with quicker recovery. The patient is able to get back to work and activities sooner."

San Francisco, CA February 14, 2011

Lately, with all the media coverage and plastic surgery shows, there is a new awareness of corrective surgery for men. Forty to sixty percent of all men suffer with the condition known as gynecomastia, female like breasts on men. Also known as "moobs" or "man boobs".

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), male breast reduction, is the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure.

Men suffering with the gynecomastia breast are now researching their options through internet searches in extremely large numbers, as statistics show. There are over a million and a half results on Google under the term "gynecomastia". Articles, blogs and information websites abound.

Gynecomastia surgery can be a two to four hour procedure depending on the severity of the case. For most, the surgery entails; liposuction and surgical excision of breast tissue. At the end of the surgery, drains are put in place to keep fluid from building up at the surgical site.

As men become more familiar with the surgery, many have asked if there is a less invasive procedure for gynecomastia treatment. Dr. Miguel Delgado a gynecomastia specialist in San Francisco California has stated that many of his Bay Area patients have asked if it is possible to do liposuction alone to correct the condition. Unfortunately this is only possible with a small percentage of men who have what is known as "pseudo-gynecomastia". It is not possible to remove breast tissue through the liposuction cannula; this instrument is used for the removal of fat tissue. The gynecomastia breast tissue needs to be surgically excised. . Liposuction alone can actually make the condition worse for the man who needs breast tissue removed; excising just the fat makes the breast tissue more prominent in many cases.. To go back and remove the breast tissue as a secondary procedure for these patients is now more difficult due to the resulting scar tissue from the first procedure.

The "Gynecomastia Light Procedure", a term coined by Dr. Miguel Delgado, is fast becoming a popular choice for many men. This procedure is not new but has evolved over many years as technology improves and experience is gained by plastic surgeons that specialize in this procedure. Candidates for the “Gynecomastia Light Procedure” usually have mild to moderate male breasts. A personal evaluation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is necessary to determine who might be a candidate for this procedure. Depending on how severe the case is will determine the gynecomastia cost.

For the "Gynecomastia Light Procedure", liposuction is performed through a small two to three millimeter incision near the areola. Then with a "pickle fork" type instrument, the glandular tissue is freed up by cutting the fibrous tissue above and below the areola and gently pulled through the incision.

Notice how the incision has healed and almost impossible to see.

Dr. Delgado has a vast collection of before and after photos of his gynecomastia patients which can be viewed on his website or in his San Francisco or Marin office. Prospective patients are invited to email the office or call for a consultation at (415) 898-4161.

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