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Coolsculpting Procedure in San Francisco

Before The Procedure

A consultation with Dr. Delgado and his staff will evaluate your concerns and the areas you would like treated with Coolsculpt. The evaluation will be hands on examination of the fat deposits to determine if you are a good candidate. Realistic expectations for fat reduction will be established, and the sites for applicator placement and the number of cycles will be planned based on a whole-body assessment. The treatment areas will be prioritized to establish a plan that will satisfy the patients' needs, in keeping with their budgetary restrictions. Dr. Delgado has found that two cycles, spaced 8 weeks apart, for each treatment site will produce the best results. You will leave the office with a packet which includes a cost break down and plan.

Pre-Procedure Evaluation

No pre-medications are required, no lab testing, no drive home assistance is needed, no time off work-except for the procedure itself, no garments to be fitted for, no time off your exercise and no immediate follow-up. Just call and make your appointment for your Coolsculpt treatment.

Day Of Your Coolsculpt Procedure

On the day of treatment, you will meet with the medical assistant for baseline photographs, after which the medical assistant will performed the cryolipolysis treatment. Each treatment cycle is 60 minutes in duration and is performed in a treatment room. Your treatment plan may be one or several hours.

Post Treatment Care

Patients typically resumed normal activities immediately after the procedure. The post treatment care instructions inform you of the possibility of erythema or redness, edema or swelling, bruising, and soreness in the treated areas and can last several days. Temporary numbness and itching in the treated area can also occur. The follow-up visit is conducted 2 or 3 months after the initial treatment and patients meet with the medical assistant for follow-up photographs, weight measurement, and discussion of results and patient satisfaction.

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