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Brow Lift Surgery

The endoscopic brow lift is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. Often times, it is combined with a face or eyelid lift.


The vast majority of endoscopic brow lifts are done under general anesthesia. However, in some cases, one may use local anesthesia with IV sedation. Dr. Delgado and the anesthesiologist will assist in making the best decision for you. Before anesthesia is given, the patient is marked for the incisions and the direction of the upper pole. Five incisions are made behind the hairline, approximately 0.5 inch in length. The hair is not shaved, but only parted. The endoscope is placed within the incision and specialized instruments are used to make the dissection. A TV monitor is used to observe the dissecting plane. The brow is released from the surrounding tissue and the muscles are divided around the frown lines, without compromising expression. The eyebrows are then pulled up and fixated into position. The incisions are closed with small sutures and a light compression dressing may be placed. The key to a good endoscopic brow lift is a complete dissection, good fixation and, most importantly, not over-elevation to cause a “surprised” look.

If the more conventional coronal brow lift is performed, then the incision goes just inside the hairline. The only advantage of this technique is that it does not raise the forehead, but the disadvantage is the longer incision.

After Brow Lift Surgery

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