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Frequently Asked Questions
About Browlift Surgery

  1. What is a browlift?
  2. How do I know a browlift will make me appear more youthful?
  3. What is the difference between an endoscopic browlift and a coronal, or open, eyebrow lift.
  4. Which technique is better?
  5. How long will the browlift last?
  6. Can other procedures be done at the same time?
  7. I do not like the over-elevated or "surprised" look. How can this be prevented?
  8. What is the cost of a browlift?
  9. When can I return to work, normal activity or exercise?
  10. What can I expect after a browlift?

What is a browlift?

A browlift is a surgical technique, which elevates the entire forehead, eyebrows and redundant skin around the crow's feet area. The eyebrow lift acts to elevate the skin above the eyelids. It "opens up" the upper eyelid in a beautiful way, removing the heaviness around the eyes. This is a wonderful surgical procedure, which has a high rate of patient satisfaction.

How do I know a browlift will give me a more youthful appearance?

A simple test is to elevate your eyebrows with your fingertips in the mirror - "the mirror test". Look at the elevated brow compared to the un-elevated side. Also, note how the upper eyelid is improved.

What is the difference between an endoscopic browlift and a coronal, or open, eyebrow technique?

The coronal, or open, browlift is the older technique. An incision is made from ear-to-ear and the surgery is performed with the forehead anatomy completely exposed. This allows for a very complete elevation of the eyebrow and muscle relaxation. The issues with this technique arise from the long incision. It can create hair loss, scarring, and numbness to the top of the head.

The evolution of endoscopic surgery revolutionized the eyebrow lift technique. The goal has been to achieve the same outcome as with the open technique. This, today, is nearly achieved. The advantages are great. No large incisions, scarring or potential hair loss.

Which technique is better?

Dr. Delgado believes the endoscopic technique is better when all aspects are compared. The endoscopic eyebrow lift requires advanced equipment and specialized training . Dr. Delgado has done this technique ever since its beginning. The open technique is good for patients with long foreheads who desire it to be shorter.

How long will the eyebrow lift last?

Either technique will last for 10-15 years. The open technique may last a little longer since the scalp tissue is excised and a permanent shortening of the forehead is achieved. No scalp tissue is excised in the endoscopic eyebrow lift, but anchored to the skull with various techniques.

Can other procedures be done at the same time?

Yes, it is very common to do other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery, facelifts or nose reshaping. Even body surgery can be performed simultaneously.

I do not like the over-elevated or "surprised" look. How can this be prevented?

Dr. Delgado specializes in a natural look. He would rather under-correct than over-correct. His technique for eyebrow elevation and fixation involves precise measurements that are made in the operative plan. The measurement is translated in the deep tissue, then elevated and fixed to an exact measurement. This is especially important since the injection fluid in the tissue distorts the appearance of the eyebrows.

What is the cost of an eyebrow lift?

The cost of an eyebrow lift is between $5000 and $6000 dollars. This includes the surgical fee, anesthesia fee and outpatient surgical facility at Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center in Marin County, California. This also includes all of the follow-up care.

When can I return to work and exercise?

The endoscopic browlift procedure produces swelling and bruising around the eyes. The swelling reduces quickly, but the bruising persists for 10-14 days. One can drive within one week and go to work by the second week. Exercise can be started after 4-6 weeks.

What can I expect after my browlift?

You can expect a beautiful, elegant revitalization of the upper face region. It is a technique in which the incisions are hidden within the scalp. The change is subtly present and elegant. For some patients, this is a God send for patients who have an angry look due to their eyebrows.

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