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Breast Reduction Surgery


Breast Reduction surgery is typically performed in an outpatient surgery center or a hospital. Sometimes the patient is kept as a 23-hour stay overnight for comfort.

Dr. Delgado offers Breast Reduction surgery at Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center, an accredited outpatient surgery center. Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Delgado’s private surgery suite, is located in his Marin County office on the Sutter Marin County Community Hospital campus. This allows Dr. Delgado to offer his patients private, concierge medical care, while providing the extra measure of safety and reassurance afforded by the surgery center’s contiguous location to the hospital.

Before anesthesia is given, a surgical marking pen is used to draw a detailed map on the breasts and chest. This architectural plan enables the doctor to make precise adjustments to accommodate the changes that occur as the body moves from a lying position to a sitting position. Regardless of the breast reduction technique, the nipple-areolar complex will be moved upward and the skin tightened. The excess tissue is removed and the remaining tissue reshaped and contoured. Many times, liposuction is used to remove excess fat from around the side of the chest.

The short-scar or lollipop technique was developed in Europe and now shares great popularity in the United States. This procedure limits the incisions and reconstructs the internal breast tissue to a more conical shape, giving the breasts a youthful appearance that is long-lasting. The inverted-T technique is a time-tested gold standard. This procedure can be used for all size breast lifts and reductions. The skin incision is made like the lollipop incision, but an additional horizontal incision is made along the crease. This can tighten the skin to a great extent, but at the expense of a slightly larger incision. The shape of the breasts relies largely on the skin-tightening component.

The free-nipple graft technique is used for very large-breasted women, in which the anchor type of procedure is not safe. The free-nipple technique excises the nipple off of the underlining blood supply. The skin and breast is reconstructed much like the inverted-T technique, the nipple is replaced and sewn intact as a full-thickness skin graft. This technique works extremely well in large-breasted women. The scars are similar to an inverted-T. The nipple-areolar area usually loses sensation.

Once the incisions are made and the breast tissue is reduced, the skin is meticulously closed in several layers. Steri-Strips™ are placed over the sutured incision lines, gauze pads are placed over each breast and a soft compression bra with front hook closure is put on the patient.


Breast Reduction is done under general anesthesia. At Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center, anesthesia is administered only by a physician who is board-certified in anesthesia. (See credentials for Randy Gaynor, MD on this website.) The anesthesiologist calls the patient the evening before surgery to review his/her medical history, confirm last minute instructions and answer any questions he/she may have regarding the anesthesia.

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