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Lifestyle Lift Controversy

December 29th, 2012 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Due to the massive advertising on television for the Lifestyle Lift (LSL), many San Francisco Bay Area women ask what it is and how is it different than the traditional facelift.

Even though, it is advertised as something new and unique, it is not. It is basically a mini-facelift that has been around since the 1960’s. The mini facelift is for the patient with simple facial laxity. It is not for the patient with large amounts of loose skin and fat.

The aggressive marketing practices target women that are looking for a less expensive solution for their aging face than the traditional face lift procedure. Lifestyle lift claims that the procedure can be done in an hour, pain free, under local anesthesia, and it is possible to go back to work the next day. Some patients have been pleased with their results, but many are not.

Do your homework, Google “lifestyle lift controversy” and see for yourself.  CBS 46, an Atlanta TV station, did a 3 month investigation; the results can be viewed in a 9 part video on You Tube, which shows interviews with former employees and patients. Some former employees stated they had quotas to meet and were pressured to “close the deal” no matter what. They also were to wear white lab coats even though they had no medical training.  CBS 46 points out that many companies that have reported unhappy patients have been sued, including CBS 46. Evidently LSL is quick to sue to try to silence their critics including WebMD. Cases have either been settled or dismissed by the judge. LSL reached a settlement with New York State over claims that LSL had posted false customer endorsements on third party websites including

Most of the surgeons performing the surgery are not board certified plastic surgeons; in fact many are not even plastic surgeons but osteopath doctors.

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