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Face Lift for the hands? You Can “Turn Back the Hands of Time!”

October 16th, 2012 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD



Hand before Radiesse injections


Hand after Radiesse injections

Marin County women are thrilled with their youthful looks after having a facelift. However, when the hands don’t match the face, it can be a giveaway for those who wish to keep their cosmetic plastic surgery procedures secret!

Now there are treatments that can rejuvenate the hands to complement a newly freshened face. As we age, we tend to lose fat in the face and hands. The same technique of fat transfer used to fill out the face can be used on the hands. There are also injectables such as Radiesse or Restylane that are used to plump up the hands and restore volume hiding the prominent veins with deepened color. There are different methods available for removing skin spots, such as peels and laser treatments. It is important to remember to use sunscreen to protect the hands as well as the face.

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