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Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Ever Acceptable for Children?

July 15th, 2013 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Dumbo the Elephant

Dumbo the Elephant

San Francisco, CA-As cosmetic surgery procedures increase year after year, it’s not surprising to see some strange developments, fads and marketing ploys. There are pet plastic surgeons that do many procedures on animals including facelifts, alter droopy ears and even give them Botox injections. There are braces for dogs called Rin Tin Grin and you may have heard of silicone implants called Neuticles that replace testicles on neutered dogs.

On a more serious note, parents are seeking measures to protect their children from the devastation that bullying can cause for their children and teenagers. There have been multiple stories in international news lately of children being tormented by classmates and cyber stalking leading to teen suicide.

Adolescent boys may be teased for gynecomastia, but for young children, the most notable condition that seems to cause teasing to the point of bullying is protruding ears. Children can be cruel by calling the afflicted child with names like; Dumbo, elephant ears and Mickey Mouse.

This can be (but not always) a hereditary factor and; therefore, many parents want to save their children from going through the torment they may have faced as a child. Ears that protrude can erode self-confidence in a child, and impact their emotional stability and eventually affect behavior. Adults also may experience extreme embarrassment from protruding ears to the point it may affect their everyday life.

The pinna is the outer ear and has a minor function in the aid of hearing. If there is too much cartilage in the pinna, there is a greater chance it will be prominent or protruding.

Normally the ear projects out about 20 degrees to 35 degrees from the side of the head, if the angle is greater than that it can be quite noticeable.

Another cause for protruding ears is when the edge of cartilage at the uppermost part of the ear does not bend down in the right position during development. Lastly, injuries to the ear can cause distortions.

About 30% of babies are born with malformations of the ear. Congenital conditions can be the cause, or it may occur during birth. Many of the deformities will correct themselves, but if they don’t by the time the baby is a week old, surgical intervention may be needed at some point.

For babies who are six months or younger, an ear splint may be used. Ear splinting is a safe and simple procedure where the soft cartilage can be reformed with the use of a splint. However, usually when the baby is six months old the cartilage will become hardened and not able to respond to a splint and cosmetic surgery may be needed for correction.

The technical term for ear surgery is otoplasty. Usually a child’s ears have finished developing by 5 years of age, and surgery should not be done before then. Plastic surgery can craft absent folds and also make the ear flatter against the head.

The three principal forms of otoplasties are:

1.    Ear augmentation – this is where the external ear is undersized or doesn’t even exist.

Incision for Ear Pinning

Incision for Ear Pinning

2.     Otopexy – is protruding ears that are flattened or pinned back.

3.    Ear reduction – Is where the outer ear is too large.

For adults, the surgery often is done under local with IV sedation; general anesthesia is the preferred method for children. For the procedure itself, the plastic surgeon will take the necessary amount of cartilage and skin from an incision in the back of the ear. The scar will be hardly detectable after it heals.

Often otoplasty surgery can be done before the child starts school to avoid probable teasing, but it is important that this is something that the child understands and wants. The other procedure that is sometimes considered for older children (teenagers) is rhinoplasty or nose surgery. In some cases, reconstruction is necessary for breathing issues, and some cosmetic corrections can be done at the same time.

Haute MD Invites Dr. Miguel Delgado to Join Their Select Group of Doctors

April 30th, 2013 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD



San Francisco, California-Haute MD is an upscale internet publication with current articles on health and beauty trends. This trusted online publication offers readers concierge access to premiere cosmetic specialists around the country. Dr. Delgado was selected for his exceptional reputation and talents in plastic surgery, with emphasis on surgical procedures of the body, such as; breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and gynecomastia.

Along with a referral to top physicians, Haute MD includes a detailed profile with the doctor’s before and after pictures of actual patients, videos (if submitted) and testimonials.

The informative website offers San Francisco Bay Area men and women fascinating reading with articles like:

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Who Should not have Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

May 31st, 2012 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Some people should not have cosmetic plastic surgery. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are trained to evaluate patients when seen in consultation to determine if they would be a good candidate.

There are two groups of patients that should not have cosmetic surgery, those with medical problems and those with psychological problems; you cannot fix a psychological problem with a physical solution. Some of the things the surgeon is watching for:

•    Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
This is an obsessive compulsive disorder also known by professionals as a “broken mirror” syndrome, where the patient believes they have serious flaws that no plastic surgeon can fix because it is only in their mind. This woman had about 72 facial procedures.

Before any surgery

After 72 procedures

• To please someone else
This is something that you should do to please yourself, relationships can come and go and you need to be happy with changes you have made.

• If you are in crisis or depressed
Emotional issues need to be resolved prior to surgery as surgery will not cure depression.

• Trying to save a relationship
Or getting revenge on an “ex”

• Going into debt
Cosmetic surgery can be expensive; do not put your family’s financial health at risk.

 Health issues
Your surgeon will not want you to have surgery until health issues are resolved such as; high blood pressure, hemophilia, heart or lung disease, excessive alcohol, smoking.

Be sure to discuss your expectations with your surgeon who will determine how realistic they are. If your surgeon feels that you are not ready for surgery follow his/her advice, knowing that this is what is best for you.


Many Benefits of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

May 14th, 2012 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

There have been wonderful advances in cosmetic plastic surgery through the years, and for most people the benefits are very rewarding. Sonoma patients notice the boost in self confidence and self esteem saying it can be life changing.

Consider the young patient who has ears that stick out or a large nose, or the young boy who has developed male breasts (gynecomastia) at puberty. Teasing is cruel and can have long term harmful effects. For the wise parent who seeks an evaluation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, their child may be able to have corrective surgery ending the torment.

Then consider the woman who has had children and is left with droopy skin in the stomach and breasts. Even with all the rewards of motherhood, most women are frustrated with the changes their body has gone through. For her the “mommy makeover” can make a dramatic difference as to how she feels about herself, which is not only a benefit to her but her family as well.

For the aging patient who is trying to compete in the workforce, a facelift can make a dramatic difference. Not only does the patient look better, the boost in self esteem may give the patient the extra confidence needed to land that new job.

San Francisco Bay Area women claim breast reduction surgery is one of the most rewarding procedures, not really considered cosmetic surgery but an elective procedure. Sometimes insurance will cover most of the cost if certain criteria are met.

Benefits of Computer Imaging at the Consultation

February 14th, 2012 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Computer Imaging by Dr. Delgado

There are many things San Francisco Bay Area patients need to consider when deciding to have cosmetic surgery. One is to be very selective in choosing a surgeon. Most patients understand the importance of picking a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, but then what? If possible try to see at least three surgeons in consultation and determine who you feel most comfortable with. Look closely at before and after pictures you may be presented with of the surgeon’s own patients and determine if you like the results. Many surgeons now offer computer imaging; this is a great opportunity to see if you and the surgeon are on the same page!

If you are not familiar with computer imaging, it is a wide field that includes digital photography, scanning and manipulation of bit-mapped graphics. In plastic surgery this is an excellent tool to aid the surgeon in communicating with the patient the desired goals and realistic outcomes.

Many patients have a hard time visualizing the outcome of possible cosmetic surgery, computer imaging enhances the consultation by allowing the surgeon to show a patient a unique three dimensional view of changes the plastic surgeon recommends, which otherwise would be hard to express by non-visual means.

The process is fairly simple; the surgeon takes photographs of the patient and can then project the photos onto a computer screen. Dr. Delgado uses a specialized computer program called “Canfield Mirror Imaging Systems” which allows him to manipulate the image to give the patient an idea of what the surgical goals are. Imaging works best for facial procedures such as: eyelids, facelift, nose reshaping and chin enhancement. Conservative results can be demonstrated for liposuction. Computer imaging does not work well for breast surgery, gynecomastia surgery or tummy tucks.

The computer cannot provide a guarantee of a specific result but is used more as a tool to demonstrate anticipated surgical changes. Imaging is just an approximation. But Dr. Delgado’s patients have found it to be very valuable in helping them to consider their options during the decision making process.


Welcome to the New Blog Page

January 7th, 2011 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Dr. Delgado welcomes you to his new blog page on his newly revised and updated website! You will find answers to many questions and concerns  about plastic surgery, that patients present to him on an ongoing basis. As new information becomes available Dr. Delgado will keep you informed. Advances are made continuously in surgery techniques, medications, and equipment. Also for the men, you may want to visit Dr. Delgado’s specialized web site for gynecomastia as well as the blog site.

You are invited to email Dr. Delgado with any questions you may have at, he will do his best to answer all questions promptly. Of course you are always welcome to come in, meet the staff, see our facility, including our state of the art surgery center, Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Novatoin the Bay Area. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Delgado at either our San Francisco office or Marin, to discuss your personal situation. If you are interested in a surgical procedure, after meeting with Dr. Delgado, you would then meet with our patient coordinator who will be able to give you more details on the process of scheduling surgery and present you with a detailed quote.