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“Brow-pexy” an Alternate Brow Lift

May 17th, 2011 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

San Francisco patients feel the brow lift is one of the most exciting procedures done for rejuvenation of the face. There are several different approaches to doing a brow lift, but for those who would be a candidate, the “brow-pexy” is one of the newest, with great advantages in that it is a much less invasive procedure.  This procedure does not lift the entire brow but the lateral aspect or “tail” of the brow.  

The Brow-pexy is most often done in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery as the access incision line is the same, which is in the natural crease of the eyelid. “Pexy” means to secure or fix. Through the incision, there is removal of excess muscle and fat and a bit of skin, using hidden stitches; the eyebrow is “fixed” at a higher, more desirable position. This prevents the brow from dropping below the superior bony ridge and creates a sculptured upper eyelid. This procedure has more direct control of the final shape and position of the lateral eyebrow. This has proved to be an excellent procedure for Bay Area men who are concerned about visible scars on their scalp.

Many Marin patients opt for an additional procedure that can easily be done at the same time. This would be the “corrugator muscle excision”. The corrugator muscle is the muscle that allows the eyebrows to squeeze together forming worry or frown lines. By removing a part of this muscle the patient will not be able to create the line between the brows, having a similar effect as Botox injections except the results are permanent.

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