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Before Rhinoplasty

A personal consultation is the first step for every patient considering rhinoplasty. During this appointment, Dr Delgado will ask you to discuss your concerns about your appearance and if there are any breathing difficulties. Dr. Delgado will use computer imaging to discuss the quality of the nasal passage. The patient knows if breathing issues exist and we can help to diagnose and correct the problem. The aesthetic considerations can be aided by computer imaging. This program can add, subtract, or alter the configuration of existing tissue. This can greatly enhance your visual understanding.

A nose in balance with your face is important to create visual harmony. For example, the nasal profile is a prominent anatomical feature. If the chin is small, it greatly impacts the balance and can make the nose look larger or out of proportion. For this reason, nearly 50% of rhinoplasty patients have chin implants as well. Dr. Delgado will go over the issues and the computer imaging is invaluable. The computer can also help with angles, lengths, widths and proportions. For example, a measurement is taken from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. This distance represents X. For the “ideal” facial/nasal proportion, the length of the nose should also equal X. The projection of the nose should equal 0.67X and the bridge of the nose should equal 0.28X. In planning for surgery, these values are compared with the actual and this is a starting point of the surgical plan. During the actual surgical procedure, Dr. Delgado has these measurements outlined in graphic form as well as having your actual photographs in the operating room for a reference point.

Dr. Delgado provides a precise preoperative booklet that provides pre- and post-operative instructions, including medications in advance of your surgery. All aspirin and aspirin-containing products, including anti-inflammatory products, must be stopped two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Dr. Delgado’s preoperative instructions will have a complete list of the medications to avoid. Tylenol may be taken during this time. Also, you will be given a list of homeopathic preparations as well as vitamins to take prior to and after surgery. This is done to promote healing and limit bruising.

Nose Surgery

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