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Arm Lift Surgery Risks

Like all surgery, an Arm Lift carries the risks of bleeding and infection, as well as risks related to anesthesia. However, with a highly-qualified plastic surgery team and a state-of-the-art surgical facility, these complications are rare.


The outcome of an Arm Lift is excellent. The only drawback is the scar, which is located on the inside of the arm, but nonetheless, it is a scar that improves as it fades over time. Scarring can be minimized by conscientious application of silicone sheet dressings. These can be applied after the incision lines are completely healed and continued for approximately two months thereafter. This method of scar management encourages flat healing of the incision lines and is very effective in improving the quality of the scars.

The goal of an Arm Lift is to achieve a thin, smooth contour of the arm, allowing the patient to fit into clothing more easily and comfortably and to have more self-confidence. The procedure has long-lasting results.

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