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After Rhinoplasty

The first hours are spent in the recovery room, until you are fully alert. At this time, you are able to go home. It is of paramount importance that you maintain your head and back elevated at 45-60 degrees. This will greatly reduce the amount of swelling.

There is very little pain associated with nasal surgery, but the nose feels swollen and stuffy. Pain medications and antibiotics are prescribed. The sutures and nasal cast are removed in five to seven days. Makeup can be applied when the cast is removed. You can return to work or social activities within one week and drive as soon as you are off pain medications. Strenuous exercise should not be done for 4-6 weeks due to enhanced swelling, such that this may enhance swelling and discomfort. Contact lenses can be worn after a few days. If you wear glasses, they can be worn gently for short periods of time, initially. A subtle degree of swelling will persist in the tip, anywhere between 6-9 months.


As with any operation, there are risks and complications. However, with a board-certified plastic surgeon, well-trained surgical team and a board-certified anesthesiologist, complications are unusual. Like all surgeries, the risks of bleeding, infection, or anesthetic problems are present. In approximately 5%-10% of rhinoplasty cases, there are minor deformities present and corrective surgery is usually minor in nature.


The results of rhinoplasty are an improvement in the aesthetic balance of your nose in relation to your face and improvement in your airway. The result should create a better balance between your nose and your facial features. Dr. Delgado may suggest a chin implant to better balance your face. This is done in conjunction with rhinoplasty in over 50% of cases nationwide. It is very important that the nose looks natural, well-balanced and without an artificial or surgical appearance.

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