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After Chin Augmentation

The first hour or so after chin implant surgery is spent in the recovery room. When the patient is fully alert, he/she can go home in the care of a friend or family member.

After chin implant surgery, it is important to keep the head and back elevated to a 45-60 degree angle as this will greatly minimize swelling and bruising. Although there is normally a moderate amount of swelling in the surgical site, patients experience very little pain. Rather, there is numbness in the chin that persists for five to seven days before it resolves completely. Pain medications are prescribed for use the first day or two after surgery, though it is unlikely the patient will need them, except possibly to facilitate comfortable sleeping in the elevated position.

There should be only a small amount of swelling the first week after surgery and the slight bruising that also occurs can be easily concealed with makeup. Most patients find they can easily return to work and social activities one week after surgery. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks as this can trigger unnecessary swelling.


As with all surgery, the risks of infection, bleeding, scarring and complications related to anesthesia exist. On rare occasions, there can be slight asymmetry in the placement of the chin implant. Numbness of the chin and lower lip can persist past the first week after the procedure, but this is usually transient in nature and related to any swelling that might be present. Although extremely unlikely, there is always the potential for temporary or permanent nerve injury.


The goal of chin implant surgery is to create harmony with the face as a whole. Chin implants can improve the appearance of the jaw and neckline as well. The improvement is considered permanent and does not fade with the passage of time.

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