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After Brow Lift Surgery

The first few hours after surgery will be spent in the recovery room. When you are completely alert, you will be able to go home with someone to assist you. We advise icing or cold packs around the eyes for 48 hours to reduce the swelling and to sleep with the back and head elevated for approximately five to seven days. Some patients will spend the night in the after-care facility, especially if a facelift procedure is performed. The following morning, the facial band is removed to examine the operative site. You can shower, wash your hair with soap and water and reapply the band the following day. The sutures are removed in approximately seven to ten days.

There is minimal pain with the endoscopic brow lift. The patient describes swelling and a numb feeling to the forehead area, but discomfort is minimal. The numbness subsides as the swelling dissipates. Pain medication is prescribed, but used for a day or two. Sleeping with the head and back elevated is critically important in reducing the amount of swelling. The swelling and bruising usually subsides completely within ten to fourteen days. Most patients return to work and social activity after seven to ten days and strenuous exercise can be started in four to six weeks.


Risks and complications are rare and usually minor when a forehead lift is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, yet the possibilities of complications must be considered. Like all surgeries, the risk of bleeding, infection, scarring or an anesthetic problem is possible. The risk from complications, however, from the endoscopic brow lift are less than would be with the standard coronal lift. For example, there is less scarring, potential hair loss and no significant degree of numbness. In rare cases, the nerves that control the eyebrow movements could be affected on one or both sides. If this occurs, it is usually temporary.


The results of the endoscopic brow lift surgery are a more-rested and revitalized upper portion of the face. This technique greatly reverses the angry, unhappy, sad or tired appearance. The improvement can be expected to last many years. However, you will continue to age and gravity will still occur, but the area will always look more rejuvenated. The brow lift techniques can be done again in time if necessary.

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