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After Breast Lift Surgery

The first few hours after surgery will be spent in the recovery room. When the patient is fully alert, she will be able to go home with the assistance of a friend or family member. At this time, it is important that she sleeps with her head and back elevated to reduce swelling in the breasts.

If a drain is placed, it will be removed two or three days after surgery, at the patient’s choice of either the San Francisco office or the Marin County office. At that time, the dressing is removed and the bra is replaced.

Breasts will be bruised, swollen and uncomfortable for a day or two, but the pain is not severe. This discomfort is more noticeable if the patient has had breast implants placed underneath the muscle. These patients will notice more tenderness and soreness around the chest region and may experience just as much, or even greater, relief from taking the prescription muscle relaxant, either alone, or in combination with the prescription pain medication.

Patients generally take pain medications the first day or two after surgery in order to be more comfortable. By the third day, patients should not need strong medications or should be able to at least reduce the dosage. A few patients will have low pain thresholds and they might use pain medication for as long as five days.

The recovery period is generally two weeks. Once the bruising and tenderness are gone, the patient can return to normal activities. Most patients can drive a car and return to work and social activities within one week. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for three to four weeks following surgery and sexual activity should be avoided for one to two weeks after surgery, as both of these can trigger swelling and discomfort in the chest if resumed too soon.


A Breast Lift is not a simple procedure, but is safe when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Like all surgeries, it carries the risks of bleeding and infection, as well as the risks associated with anesthesia.

Breast Lift surgery leaves permanent incision lines, but they fade significantly over time. The incision lines are hidden by a bra or swimsuit.

Breast sensation may be altered temporarily, but it is rare for sensation not to return to what was normal for the patient.

If a breast implant is used, it carries the same risks associated with breast augmentation.


The goal of a Breast Lift is to elevate the nipple-areolar complex and to reshape the breasts. This surgery turns back the clock and restores a youthful relationship of the breasts to the body. If there is insufficient volume, the shape can be further enhanced by adding breast implants.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift

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